Dear Histonetters; Here's a message from Charles Brown/ Please send replies to him as I'm not sure if he is on the list. His email is 

I am currently at the NIH in Bethesda, MD and working with SIV and HIV
research projects.  One of my new areas of research involves the role of
macrophages in the SIV animal model and I wish to tag endosomes with GFP,
inject them IV, and wait for the macrophages to engulf them.  My question is
whether tissue samples from one of these labeled animals can be formalin
fixed, paraffin embedded, sectioned and can the GFP be presered and
localized with basic UV microscopy.  I'm not sure how "stable" the GFP is,
and it would be great to see the directly labeled macs without having to
resort to anti-GFP staining.
As an alternative, I assume samples could be frozen in OCT and the
cryosections should contain the GFP without much interference from tissue

Thank you for your kind response to these questions,


Charles Brown

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