RE: CD31/F8

the poly cd 31 i used from RD is cat. # RDI-MCD31CabG goat anti-CD31
(PECAM-1) but we do not like it very much.  we prefer a more specific
antibody for endothelial cells from Santa Cruz listed as Endoglin TGFbRIII
(C20) cat.# sc-6199.
patsy ruegg

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Hi Patsy! 
        I was wondering which poly CD31 you used from Research Diagnostics.
I tried one before and never got any results.  Do you use it on paraffin or
frozen?  I work with whole mount retinas, so that may be the difference.  I
did find a good monoclonal from Pharmingen that has worked for me.  Finding
a poly that works is preferable though because I do a lot of dual staining.


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For both of these antibodies in my experience the polyclonal antibodies work

better than the monoclonal, I use DAKO's poly F8 and Research Diagnostics 
poly CD31. 
Patsy Ruegg 

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                Hi there. 
                Does anyone have a protocol that they would be willing to 
share to detect 
                PECAM (CD31) or Von Willebrand factor in FFPE tissue?  I 
have it worked out 
                nicely in frozens. 
                Thanks Thanks Thanks 

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