congo red stain

From:"Mike McDermott" <>

Hi all,
        I've been using congo red to stain samples containing 
invertebrates and organic debris from streams. This is to help in the 
extraction of the animals from the sample.The stain appears to 
stain all of the animal classes in the sample but leave the other 
material, algae, fungi relatively free from colouration, which is just 
what is needed. I'm using 0.1g of stain to 100ml of water, 
(deionised). The reason for using this stain was that it was 
available for free and it appears to work well. I know nothing of 
histology and I am having difficulty in finding reference material that 
informs me of how this stain works other than that it stains 
proteins. I would be very grateful for any information that anyone 
could supply or directions to relevant literature.

thanks in advance

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