FW: cornflaking

From:"Burnette, Andrew - MHA" <ABurnet@chw.edu>

> We have a sudden appearance of "cornflaking", i.e., granular brownish
> artifact obscuring cell detail in our cervical pap smears. I expect to
> find some modification within the pap stainning technique that is allowing
> airdrying during the staining process, but I am wondering, amongst others
> who have experienced this artifact, what other causes have been
> determined. More importantly, however, is how to get rid of the artifact
> once it does appear. I've heard references to a glycerin technique - Could
> anyone enlighten me to this or other techniques that work?  Thanks!
> Andy Burnette
> Section Head Anatomic Pathology
> St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix AZ
> (602) 406-3272

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