Recycled Solvents

From:"Fuller, Michelle" <>

We are in the process of  purchasing a 10 gal. Solvent Recycler.  We are
recycling reagent alcohol and Pro-Par (Xylene substitute).  We are using
10 gal. containers for the waste solvent and 5 gal. containers for the
recycled solvent.  We are a little concerned with the amount of solvents
we have on site now.  It was easy to store the 1 gal. containers in a
flammable cabinet when we purchased them directly from the supplier, but
now that we are recycling in large batches, we are having difficulty
storing the 5 gal. containers.  It is even harder to store the 10 gal.
waste containers (they are on wheels).  I am interested to see how other
labs handle the high volume of solvents that they are recycling.  

Also, if anyone knows of any regulations on the amount of these reagents
that you can store outside of a flammable cabinet, please let me know. I
am having a hard time getting any info.  I have been told many different
amounts ranging from 1 liter of solvent to 10 gals.  

Thanks in advance for any information.

Michelle Fuller
Histology Supervisor
ACM Medical Laboratory, Inc.
Rochester, N.Y.

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