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From:Debbie Pepperal <> (by way of Histonet)
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Hi Ian

Microwave technology regarding fixation, processing, special stains as well
as  immunohistochemistry, has been around for some time now, but, become
quite the field of interest lately.
We have two microwave units in our laboratory, from Milestone Laboratory
1. The micromed Time/Temperature module (T/T) - Fully automatic, walk-away
MW accelerated procedures at pre-set time at temperature. Procedures
include : decalcification, fixation, manual tissue processing, staining and
antigen retrieval.

2. The URM - ultra rapid microwave processor-walk away, pre-programmed
protocols, depending on size of tissue to be processed. Manual processing
done in an hour and a half, minimal time. I am in the process of optimising
fixation times and will inform you of those results, if you are interested.
 The routine lab use the URM for their urgent biopsies that come in first
thing in the morning. The blocks are ready to cut by 9 am.
 NB-  both these microwaves have appropriate ventilation outlets as
formalin fumes besides being toxic is rather unpleasant, especially when

If you need any more information, please donot hesitate to contact me.

Zenobia Haffajee
HAPS, Newcastle, Australia

At 08:10 PM 16/05/00 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear Histonetters,
>                                Our Lab is in the process of examining the
>possibility of using a microwave tissue processor to enhance such things as
>breast screening i.e.. to give the result of a proper biopsy rather than
>relying solely on FNA 's .Does anyone know of a web site and source for a
>Micromed  Microwave processor or equivalent and does anyone use a Microwave
>tissue processor routinely.
>Thanking you in advance
>Ian Clarke
>Histopathology /Cytology Dept
>Craigavon Area hospital

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