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Dear HistoNetters,

Diana Goodwin asked about upcoming regs regarding lab microwaves.  The NSH
formed a Science and Technology subcommittee on Clinical Laboratory
Standards for Microwave Ovens (CLSM) in 1997.  In 1998, the NSH Board voted
that the CLSM  be given independent status as a Task Force, with the mission
of preparing guidelines for microwave usage in medical laboratories.  In
1988 and 1989, the CLSM submitted its draft document to NCCLS, and is now
working with NCCLS to produce a formal guideline, which should be published
in 2002.

Disclaimer:  I am a member of the CLSM.

Best regards,
Steven Slap
Energy Beam Sciences, Inc.
The Laboratory Microwave Company
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> Subject:	Laboratory microwave info
> Hello, again, Netters.
> My microwave died this week, and I'm interested to know what people are
> using, lab-type or kitchen-type.  The one we had was a kitchen model and
> seemed to do the job just fine.
> Also, does anyone know of any up and coming regs regarding lab
> microwaves that I should be aware of while considering this purchase?
> Thanks in Advance,
> Diana Goodwin,  HT
> Trenton,  NJ

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