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 >Our lab tried this a few years ago with very poor results. Proceed with
care. Sometimes the longer routine methods are just better. Chemistry is not a
science for the impatient.
Amos Brooks<

Microwave tissue processing DOES produce good - even excellent - results but 
care should be taken before you embark on this type of tissue processing. You 
are right in your statement that this is not a science for the impatient - 
you have to do your homework. If you are using a "kitchen" or "household" 
microwave oven you must remember to properly calibrate it and to determine 
the processing times that will process not "cook" your tissue. Aside from 
venting of vapors from the chemicals being used, accurate time and 
temperature control and other important features, laboratory microwave ovens 
are designed to make the calibration steps and tissue processing easy. There 
are now several on the market.
In addition, there are two books which have been mentioned before on histonet 
- The Microwave Tool Book by Login and Dvorak and The Microwave Cookbook by 
Kok and Boon that will guide you through the basics of calibration of 
microwaves and microwaving tissue. 
This isn't a plug...but I am doing a microwave tissue processing workshop 
with Donna Willis and Jan Minshew at NSH this year where you can have a hands 
on microwaving experience and receive procedures that have been proven to 
work and also have a chance to see the results with your own eyeballs!
Andi Grantham


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