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To anyone out there interested in the 12 station stainer, this item is also 
available through HACKER Instruments Inc., and is called the HHS, or Hand 
Held Stainer. It is a truly useful tool. This stainer is semi-disposable. In 
other words, the cost is low enough to justify disposal rather than cleaning 
once the stains in the stations becomes contaminated/unuseable. The spec is 
as follows:

Modular polypropylene stainer of 12 stations, each with a tight-fitting 
hinged lid. Each compartment can hold two slides and 10ml of solution. 
Reagent can be replaced after use, if desired,  to insure clean stains.

A locking feature on each 12 station module allows additional  modules to be 
added, so total staining stations per unit can be increased incrementally by 
12 stations.

The 12 station module is 2.5 in. high X 2.25in. wide X 3.25in. long.

For pricing and additional information, please contact:

Hacker Instruments & Industries Inc
1-800-4-HACKER (800-442-2537) or (973) 226-8450
Fax: (973) 808-8281

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