Grossing - What would help?

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Hello HistoNetters!

To any of you who have time or the inclination to respond, we would like your 
input about the way you are addressing specimen descriptions if you are 
currently involved in grossing tissue samples.

Would a software driven system, that takes and records very accurate digital 
images of specimens, with the ability to mark dimensions and provide detailed 
close-ups be of use to you? This system would provide a permanent visual 
record that the pathologist or tech could refer to at any time in order to 
avoid any conflicts in interpreting conventional verbal descriptions of 
tissue specimens. It could also greatly reduce the length and detail of the 
written report. All this via a very user friendly point and click software 
system, attached to a grossing area with camera on board.

Any thoughts or comments? Your views are very much appreciated.


Elfi Hacker
HACKER Instruments & Industries Inc
Tel: 800-442-2537
Fax: 973-808-8281

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