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From:Lesley Weston <>
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Here in this research lab, and the rest of the UBC labs, we have to wear
clothing that covers us from head to toe. Jeans are preferred. The only time I
spilled something nasty on my leg, I was wearing jeans under a lab coat. The
thick fabric held
the stuff (it was Aquembed, a water-miscible epoxy resin) on my skin while I
tried to wash it off without taking off the jeans in the open lab. The result
was a nasty burn which took weeks to heal. If I had been wearing a skirt or
shorts - it was summer - there would have been no problem, I could have washed
the stuff off immediately. So I guess you can't win - no type of clothing is
safe in a lab, and we should all change our profession, assuming that we are
professionals whatever we wear.

Lesley Weston.

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