Re: Cell markers for neonatal rat ganglia.

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At 09:20 17/05/00 -0400, Ronald L. Salisbury a écrit:
>I need to identify fibroblasts,endothelial, Schwann, and satellite cells
>in neonatal rat superior cervical ganglia by IHC or histochemical means.
>Can anyone suggest useful antibodies or alternative procedures?

For fibroblasts, try vimentin or Thy1 in rats. Endothelial cells, Factor 
VIII (Dako) worked OK for me.
Satellite cells is more of a problem. I guess in neonatal rats they will be=20
mainly vimentin positive. Some may already be GFAP positive, but even in 
adult rats, these cells can be vimentin or GFAP positive. For Schwann 
cells, the same as for satellite cells. Distinguishing between Schwann and=20
satellite cells is more of a question of where the cells are located 
(around neuronal perikarya or envelopping nerve fibers).


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