Block storage

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From:Sharon M Tipton <>
To:Histonet <>
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We also follow CAP  guidelines and store 5 year's worth of blocks. We have 2
years stored in the lab, 1 in the store room, and the rest in the morgue -
they're everywhere!!! Did someone say that CAP was thinking about changing
to 20 years. Yikes! We'll have to rent a storage unit!
We have had requests for HER-2/neu on old blocks, but only a few years back,
so far. This does seem to be happening more often.
Recently the OB-GYN docs requested that we keep placenta blocks for some 21
or so  years - from birth to adulthood - "just in case" We put these tissues
in blue cassettes for easy identification. Is that politically correct?!!!
(Please don't tell me I have to add pink to be fair!)-Shar

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