Nonspecific staining with rabbit neg control

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From:Vicki L McKaughan <>
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We have been having a big problem with background staining using the Ventana rabbit
negative control sera.  I use it for only cytokeratin, s-100, and PSA.  They sent me a new
lot #, but there is still a light haze, although it was less than before.  Also, today the tissue I stained was a liver biopsy and the hepatacytes were staining positive although the
tumor was neg. Is this from avitan/biotin?  Should I be going back and adding A/B Block to
all liver, kidney and brain tissues including the negative control?  One of our Pathologists is very picky about her slides so any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  The Mouse Negative is staining perfectly clear.

Vicki McKaughan HT (ASCP)

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