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<P>We ship frozen tissue all the time on dry ice Federal Express next day delivery.  We usually have no problems with the tissue thawing.  We prepare the package around 1/4 tissue and 3/4 dry ice.  The more dry ice the better.  We recieved a package of a brain hemisphere that was mostly tissue and very little dry ice.  As a matter of fact it had all evaporated by the time we recieved the package and they shipped it next day delivery.  The result was a partially thawed hemisphere that will probably not be much use to us.  Just an example of bad frozen packaging and even less thinking.  Some people do stupid things.</P> <P> </P> <P> </P><BR><BR>Shelley K. Sheridan<br>Research Specialist<br>Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research<br>University of Pennsylvania Medical School<br>Philadelphia, PA 19104<br>Phone:(215)614-0051<p><br><hr size=1><b>Do You Yahoo!?</b><br> Send instant messages & get email alerts with <a href="">Yahoo! Messenger</a>.
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