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From:Amos Brooks <>
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    A $50 investment in a decent virus scanner and frequent updates (free
online from most software companies) will prevent these viruses you hear
about from bothering you. Even if you try to open the infected file the
antivirus utility will keep your system safe. (usually by keeping you from
opening the file) My Norton Antivirus software has caught this particular
virus (prettypark.exe) and a few others that I stumbled accross. McAffee is
also a good virus shield.
    Often viruses can send themselves to people in your address book. As a
rule of thumb if you want to send an attachment to someone, it is good form
(netiquitte) to send a message saying who you are and what the file is you
are sending. A virus that sends itself will not send a message, just the
file. Even still, while on the recieving end, SCAN IT ANYWAY!!
    Attachments are good things usually but occasionally they can be
misused. If you have a well prepared computer and only open attachments
that are properly introduced you should be fine. No need to worry :-)
Amos Brooks


> Please note that I am NOT opening any attachments due to the
> possibility of the "pretty park"  virusI THINK that's what it is called
> or similar.  This will include business cards which I and others still
> find attached to users of this group.
> The warning has come from our computing centre and I believe
> them!
> Russ Allison,
> Dental School
> Cardiff
> Wales

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