Re: Draft Resolution on Procedures for Electing the Prov Exec

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From: Charles Burns <>
> As our next election of an Executive is two years away .... just possibly
one of
> the solutions to this would be a special resolution calling for a one time
> Executive election at the 2001 Convention.  This along with changes to the
> Executive election procedures (such as having the candidates talk to the
> delegates and be questioned by the delegates) before they cast their
> would be satisfactory to all parties.

Except those who were successful in the disputed election.  I do appreciate
the desire to reduce the intense feelings this matter has caused, but if
people have been elected for two years then I think it is thoroughly
undemocratic to unseat them in mid stride just because someone who lost the
election complains.  Is this not similar to what we endured during recall?
The right lost the election and went public in an attempt to force another
election.  I seem to remember that we all thought that was a pretty low
blow.  So how would this differ?

> The issue in my opinion is gone beyond who is right and who is wrong .....
> issue we need to address is to bring closure to these issues and assurance
to all
> that these issues and perceptions never happen again.

With that I do agree.  Any method must be acceptable to everyone to be
workable, and that includes those who fundamentally disagree that the
elections were rigged or distorted in some way.

Bryan Llewellyn

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