Re: Skin problems?

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From:Jeffrey S Crews <> (by way of Histonet)
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 The problem, in my experience, is not with our corneocytes getting into
the water bath, but rather with sloppy slide handling. Any touch of the
fingers to the slide surface will leave a nice fingerprint of corneocytes
that will stain beautifully with eosin.
If the histotech touches the slides only on the edges and doesn't scrape
their fingers along the edge, there shouldn't be a problem.

Jeffrey Crews, HTL (ASCP)
Organogenesis, Inc.

On Fri, 5 May 2000 11:39:16 -0400 Linda Jenkins <>
>Dear HistoNetter's,
>	Here's a "good" one.  I was told this morning, by a
>that she could identify 2 out of the four histologist who had
>sectioned her
>slides by the random epithelial cells scattered over her slides and
>recommended that gloves should probably be worn when sectioning.  For
>of us who follow the Dr. Kay Scarpetta series of forensic murder
>it is no secret that we come equipped with zillions of identifying
>hairs and cells leading to our capture in case we get up to "no-good"
>deeds.  However, I didn't realize we were leaving our skin cells in
>water bath.  Is this common knowledge, or have I been working all
>years with pathologist's who just ignored these tell-tell signs?
>	Very curious,
>	Linda
>Linda Jenkins, HT
>Clemson University
>Department of Bioengineering

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