Hepatitis B surface antigen ihc problems

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From:"Nicola Falconer" <njfja@njfja.screaming.net>
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Dear all

Yet another question, Recently our immunos for HBs have not been producing
staining on biopsies from known positive patients. We used to use a Dako
monoclonal, changed to Dako goat poly, but pathologist is still not happy.
He has heard (don't know where) that people doing ELISAs etc are also having
problems using monoclonals and that the problem may be due to the virus
mutating. He was wondering if using a cocktail of different monoclonals
would be beneficial. I don't know but think it might, BUT before spending
lots of cash buying a few extra has anyone any thoughts or experience they
could share.

Many thanks in advance

John Auld
Royal Free Hospital

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