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From:Patricia Karlisch <>,
Date:Mon, 29 Mar 1999 15:48:44 -0500
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Personally, I find Shandon to be a reputable company.  We had two of the best reps in Rhode Island.  We do not use the Shandon Processors here but I found the programs on Shandon to be quite up to date.  It is good to know that they continue to be a service oriented company.  Pat Karlisch, Danville, Pa

>>> Sarah Christo <> 03/29 2:52 pm >>>
Dear Netters,
   I just had a Shandon repairman leave.  He replaced a major part (a rotary valve $$$) and upgraded the software on my Pathcentre.  There was no charge involved.  The repairman said that it is their policy to upgrade units just because we own their product.
  I hope those of you that were so quick to trash Shandon over the Citadel manual a week ago will reconsider your opinion of a leader in our industry.
  My unit is not under a service contract either.
Just for your information.  A happy customer-Sarah
PS-let loose the dogs.......

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