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From:Ian Montgomery <>
Date:Mon, 15 Mar 1999 09:51:55 +0000
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>Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 20:04:28 EST
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>Subject: Re: reply-manual and copyright laws
>    I have never met you, but your letter to Carrie makes me think of one
>thing.  Where does one find a guy like you!  If only in Scotland, I shall move
>there tomorrow!!!!!!!!!  You are very nice to think in such a manner.  Most
>men here in the states do not act or think that way, at least not here in
>Cincinnati, Ohio (the Midwest).
>    I hope I haven't offended you with this note.
>           Sincerely,
>              Gail Macke

	Men act the same the world over, but only if their women let them.
Scotland is a very matriarcal society, no doubt a throwback to the clan
system. My grandmothers were women of this system, who passed this onto my
mother and father. They made sure, from a very young age, that I wouldn't
be a drone on any future partner. Likewise, my 9 year old daughter is
learning skills for future life. The educational qualifications of suitors
will be evident, but other questions should be asked, "who irons your
shirts", and "who is your favourite cookery writer". Wife and partner, yes,
nurse maid, no.
	Women can be really soft touches at times. Career woman, housewife,
mother and lover. Men, well, here you have the complete spectrum form
reasonably human to a potato sitting in front of the TV, can in hand
scratching the belly.
	In defence of men, all it needs is a wee bit of training, so get to
it girls. If you have a son, train him, knowing that he might end up with
someone elses daughter.

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