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Date:Mon, 15 Mar 1999 01:23:54 +0200
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Ian  Montgomery wrote:
Anyone using an good reliable antibody for smooth muscle cells.
Will be staining human and possibly mouse tissue.
Dear Ian,
Ten or so years ago I used the anti-alpha smooth muscle cell actin antibody
(1A4 clone) on 4% PAF fixed human, horse and mouse tissue (LM and EM). The
antibody was not compatible with glutaraldehyde fixation in my experience.
A GA concentration of 0.01% already minimized labeling. The group of Prof.
Gabianni in Italy developed the antibody and published numerous articles in
the mid eighties on smooth muscle cells and myofibroblast formation using
this1A4 antibody. I conjugated the monoclonal with colloidal gold and used
a one-step procedure to avoid non-wanted staining on mouse tissue but
nowadays there are also other options to obtain good signal-to-noise
Hope this is of help.

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