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From:"D. Hammer" <>
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Date:Wed, 10 Mar 1999 07:29:30 -0800 (PST)
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Hi Histonetters,

While the way the "Copyright Laws" discussion thread has evolved, the
information derived seems to be good and perhaps valuable to many.
(positive often comes out of a negative beginning) :)

Mark, in the eyes of several, it seems, posted a thought to consider but
the wording shed some bad light on him and his company.  I wonder if it
had been posted by a person not associated with a company if it would be
met by the same reaction.  A later post explained his intention and that
he offered to provide the manual, but it appears this either was not seen,
or believed nor has it had much impact on the continued vendor bashing. :(

In Mark's behalf, I have seen quite a few posts by him providing
technical information but one possible indiscretion apparently wipes that
all away. I would venture that we will not be privey to his knowledge, as
with several others who have been bashed in some way on here and no longer
post information. :(

When I see "vendor bashing" on here I cringe because I think back over the
years to all the support the companies have and continue to provide to our
proffession.  While they derive benefits as well, exhibit booths at state,
regional and national meetings make the meetings financially possible, ads
in newsletters sustain the costs of them, lectures and workshops by their
employees keep costs down for society meetings, hospitality functions
provide a time to exchange technical expertise as well as recover from a
hard day in sessions, new products, many suggested by the user, help us to
keep up with efficency improvements, not to mention the expense accounts
that help some convention attendees keep the costs of meals down. :)
These company's have also provided a career path for many former lab
employees, and I believe Mark is one.  Oh, did I mention the "Histonet
Buttons" and "get togethers"?  *grin*

The NSH (National Society for Histotechnology) may still be trying to get
off the ground if it were not for those early efforts of vendor support.

In summary, as I proofread the above, I'm suggesting we value our own a
bit more. 

Thanks for reading,

Don Hammer, Administrative Director            UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON 
Hospital Pathology, Box 356100                     MEDICAL CENTER
1995 NE Pacific St.                                
Seattle Washington, 98195                  ~Where Knowledge Comes To Life~ 
(206) 548-6401 Fax: (206) 548-4928         

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999 wrote:

> Noi,
> There is such a thing as sample accounts.  Here at EM Science all product
> managers and sales reps have them.  In light of the first reply and all the
> negativity from it,  I would think Shandon would want to redeem themselves
> and send you a no charge manual on one of these types of accounts.
> A $167.00 is nothing compared to the lost business and the chance to do
> good business.
> Rande Kline HT (ASCP)
> Technical Services
> EM Science
> on 03/09/99 06:50:24 PM
> To:
> cc:
> Subject:  manual
> Hi everyone,
> I placed the inquiry because someone has always been able to help me by
> sharing
>  useful information on the histonet.  If I offended anyone because I might
> have
> suggested something illegal, I didn't mean too.  When I was in college, we
> had
> many debates about situations like this and many of you touched upon the
> same
> points as we did--particularily copyright laws.  Our resolution was that we
> were using it for educational purposes and nothing more.  This was and is
> my
> intention when I first posted the message.
> Again, thanks to everyone who responded.  To all those that I pissed off,
> didn't mean to.  And as always, everyone is very helpful.
> Noi

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