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I have been off work for one week and expect to be off one more week but
when I return I will send you and brand of plus slides which are used in
our lab.  I have not had any problem loosing secions and I do all the
immuno and even have pressure cooked slides in citric acid buffer in the
microwave for 17 minutes.  S.DiGiacomo,Prostate Diagnositc Laboratory,
Denver, Colo.

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>From: Joyce Kotzuk <>
>Subject: aggressive antigen retrieval
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>I have problems with section adherence when I try aggressive antigen =
>retrieval methods such as multiple microwavings, formic acid treatments
>etc. I am currently using Vectabond treated slides; I bake the sections
at =
>37 degrees overnight right after cutting, then store at room temp. till
I =
>need them. they go in a 60 degree oven for 30 minutes just prior to =
>deparaffinization in xylene. Any suggestions as to how to keep sections
on =
>the slides when using severe antigen retrieval methods would be greatly
>appreciated. Thanks.
>Joyce Kotzuk
>Univ. of New Mexico pathology

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