Deparaffinization protocol

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No matter what animal tissue you are sectioning, deparaffinization will work
by doing the following:

Step One:  2 minutes in Histology grade Xylene
Step Two: 2 minutes in another bucket of Histo grade Xylene
Step Three: 2 minutes in another bucket of Histo grade Xylene
Step Four:  2 minutes in yet another bucket of Histo grade Xylene

Now that the paraffin is off the slide, you need to take the excess Xylene
off the slide.  You do the following:
Step Five:  1 minute in Absolute ETOH
Step Six:  1 minute in another bucket of Absolute ETOH
Step Seven:  30 seconds in 95% ETOH
Step Eight:  45 seconds in 70% ETOH
Step Nine:  Wash with water for 1 minute.

You can now stain the tissue as necessary.  I do not have our processing
protocol with me at this time to help you out with your processing concern.
My method in deparaffinization has come from years of experimentation with
deparaffinization.  I am the owner/Lab Manager of a Histology Lab and that
is the protocol we have used for a long time.

Tom Galati
Lab Manager
Histo-Scientific Research Lab.

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