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  It depends if you fear the Safety Officer or the Ombuds[wo]man.
  Which has more power in your organization?

  SAFETY ADVICE: Wear thick polyacrylonitrile or rubber gloves
   and a gas mask that filters out all large molecules. Boil
   everything touched by the job applicant, then incinerate
   the boilerperson. Then interview the second-best candidate.
  POLITICALLY CORRECT ADVICE: Tell a senior administrator that
   one of the applicants is conspicuously over-qualified for
   laboratory work, despite being somewhat virally challenged.
   Recommend that the applicant be taken on instead as an
   administrative assitant, to work very closely with the
   most senior people in the office ...

On Sat, 6 Mar 1999, Muhammad Tahseen wrote:

> Hi Everyone--I want to  have your opinion, my lab anounced a post of
> Histotechnologist and got interviewed. The best candidate is
> HCV-Positive,she is on interferon therapy these  days.
> I  want to know what is other hospitals policy about such technologist.
> Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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