[Histonet] The monkey cranking the microtome


If I were to go back to college for 4 years my goal would be more lofty  than 
to remain a histotech.  I think there are a lot of people who do this  
because it pays well and it doesn't take to long to learn.  If you start  having 
requirements like college credits, people will be less likely to take  interest 
in histotechnology as a career.  They just started these  requirements, but the 
need for histotechs is starting to slow.  I've heard  from older techs that 
the ASCP has been back and forth on their pre-reqs many  times depending on the 
surplus or deficit of techs.  I do, however, think  that there is nothing 
wrong with the continuing education.  I only wish  that there were more 
interesting seminars or the like to go to.  I went and  got my first credit already 
(having only been registered since December) and it  was on basic fixation.  
Nothing that I didn't already know...
Just a few thoughts,
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