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From:Fred Underwood

I'm right there with Joe.  I've had the DRS2000 for ayear and a half.   I have had experience with the 601 too.  Both machines have run trouble free( insert sound of knocking on wood).  I also use the Sakura SCA coverslipper that coverslips with the cellulose tape.  Some people don't like the tape, it works fine for me.  It's great to have the stainer and coverslipper use the same basket.  I'm not sure, but I think Sakura now makes a coverslipper that uses glass coverslips.

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From: Joe Nocito  
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we have had the Sakura DRS2000 for 6 months and love it.  It is a vast 
improvement from the DRS601.  The DRS2000 has continuous feed, stores 
numerous programs, and is user friendly.  It took us about three days to get 
the staining down the way the pathologists wanted it.  The best thing I like 
about it is that no matter who does the staining, it comes out the same way 
all the time.  Hope this helps. 

	Joe Nocito BS, HT (ASCP) QIHC 
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> Our lab is in the process of purchasing our very first automated stainer 
> routine H&E's. We've had the Microm, Leica, and Shandon stainer in the lab 
> demo. I would really appreciate comments from anyone who really likes, or 
> dislikes the machine that they are using. We want to automate our H&E's 
and  PAP 
> stain for non gyn cytology. 
> Our plan is to get an automatic coverslipper as well. 
> Thanks in advance!!! 
> Michelle 

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