mouse lung CD3 immunostain

From:Russ Ellis

Hello everyone

I am developing a method for staining formalin-fixed,
paraffin-embedded mouse lungs with an antibody to CD3.
 After an initial review of the archives I was hoping
for some feedback with the following:

1. ANTIBODY - Dako, Serotec, Novocastra, other(?). 
I'm sure they all work to some degree, but what are
some of the negative aspects?

2. CITRATE BUFFER - should I be concerned about the
length of microwaving time given that lungs are more
fragile than most other tissues?

3.DAKO ARK - does anyone have any experience with this
"time saving" kit that they could provide some pros
and cons?  For me, time isn't a factor if the results
are poor.

I look forward to your useful insights.  If anyone
knows of a method that they can point me to as a place
to start, I would be very grateful.

Russ Ellis

Russ Ellis, B.Sc., M.L.T.
Research Lab Coordinator
St. Joseph's Hospital
Hamilton, Canada

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