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Hi all,
After I read about microwaving slides before deparaffinization, I experimented microwaving slides for immunostaining prior to deparaffinization. In my case, I was surprised to see that the staining was as good as our routine method (minimum 20 minutes under fan forced oven at 66 centigrade).
After sectioning,  6 wet slides were microwaved in a plastic rack for two minutes (850w), followed by deparaffinization in xylene.
I did antigen retrieval for up to 20 to 40minutes in the same microwave oven for some antibodies such as MLH1 and MSH2 & PMS2 and Envision+ was used for the detection. At the moment, I couldn't tell the difference between the two methods.

Young Kwun
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I don't know anything about the physics of microwaving,however,we dry all our slides in a microwave with the exception of those to be used for immunos. We ve done it for years with no problems.As with everything else in the microwave you have to find what works for you.

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