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This memory comes from growing up in a Chicago suburb -

running in the "cloud" behind the mosquito sprayer truck in the summer.

(And they tell me to worry about xylene)


Ephram Shizgal <>

03/05/2003 08:29 PM

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"Banana" bicycle seats
Drinking straws put onto bike spokes
Sport card games (longsies, flipsies,...)
Puff n' stuff (OK I'm not older than dirt - but it was a way long time ago)
friendly public bus drivers
Clogs in school and then rules forbidding those noisy things in school
REAL SNOW STORMS (like 6 FEET overnight)

Being less than 10 yrs old and able to play outside past dark - and no one
(including you) worried about abductors and other creeps

The OLD days were GOOD old days in many ways.

Ephram Shizgal

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