RE: Fisher TissuePrep paraffin

From:Gayle Callis

One can always infiltrate with one paraffin and embed in another brand, a
good way to use up supplies.  We do this with Tissue Prep and Tissue Prep 2
(harder) for bone or Surgipath for infiltration/Tissue Prep 2 embedment for
bone, works fine. I would not like to mix paraffins in processor. 

Surgipath has excellent products. One does not have to use Paraplast plus
(contains DMSO),  there is also Paraplast and Paraplast extra.  Surgipath
has more than one paraffin as does Richard Allan. 

Hmmm too bad about Tissue Prep, must be very popular or manufacturer is not
up to snuff with demand - we are going back to this paraffin soon - thanks
for heads up information on backordering.

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