CoPath and cassette writers

From:Jackie Crofoot

Hello, Histonetters!

We are in the process of building the necessary info into the CoPath Plus 
system and are expecting to go live by the end of April.  I understand that 
CoPath will only support the Shurmark cassette writer.  Is anybody out there 
already using CoPath with a cassette writer?  If so, which one?  If you 
would please send along any good, bad, or ugly experiences with either the 
CoPath system or the Shurmark cassette writer I would really appreciate it.  
Any info about other cassette writers that you have had experience with 
would be helpful, also.  Thanx!

Jackie Crofoot
MidMichigan Medical Center
Midland, MI  48670
Tx: 989-839-3498
Fx: 989-839-1743

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