brain infarct responses

From:Cathy Mayton

Fellow Histonetters, I would like to thank those that responded to my question in regards to my posting for brain infarct special stains.  I did forget to mention the brain would be embedded in paraffin.
I thought I would share with you the responses I received:
1)  Depending on how long after injury, but if more than 24 hours you should get good results with Thionin and Acid Fuchsin staining.
 2)  I am assuming this is a blood clot so it may be something like a general stain that will pick up the blood cells.  You could try a quick and dirty methylene blue or toluidine blue at .5 to 1% and see what it shows or if you need a more indepth stain for the brain architecture.
3)  In my lab we use the HBFP stain, hematoxylin-basic fuchsin-picric acid stain for myocardial infarcts from Sheehan and Hrapchak histo tech book.  I have tried it on splenic infarcts and it worked. Maybe it could work for neural infarcts. 
Thanks again :-)
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Cathy A. Mayton
Project Director
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