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Dear. Dr. Scouten: Our research group has always worked mostly on gross and
microscopic morphological diagnosis of bovine, rabbits and poultry diseases.
It is our job to assist private and federal vets and countrymen dealing with
cases of disease in their livestock. This allowed us to assemble a large
collection of microscopic slides and paraffin blocks during many years.
So it seems highly interesting to me to dispose of a tool to work on fresh
specimens, which would allow us to accelerate our response to our customers.
Could you post a mail to me explaining some specific aspects of the
vibratomes, such as what kind of microtome it is (rotative or sliding), what
are the knives like, how are the tissues held for cutting, what is the
minimum thickness of the sections? Could you mention some examples of
vibratomes' use? Could you send us some attached files containing
microphotographs of sections made with a vibratome?

Thanks a lot

Agustin Jose Venzano Halliburton
Veterinary Histopathologist-Immunopathologist
Pathology Group-INTA Castelar, Argentina

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