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I just keep forgetting to hit repond to all.
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Rande Kline
03/21/2002 02:19 PM

To:   Jon Kerr 
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 There should be an EPA number on the MSDS.  That number is important because
you need to give it to your local and/or state EPA.  Every state, city,
"locality" have different requirements for disposal.  Please call them back with
the number.  I would think Sigma would not leave it off the MSDS.  If they have
please visit our website  We also manufacture it and
I'm sure the EPA number is on the MSDS.
Hope this is helpful.
Rande Kline
EM Science

Jon Kerr  on 03/21/2002 12:49:25 PM

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Subject:  Tween 20

Hi everyone:
     We are about to try using Tween 20 (polyoxyethylene sorbitan
monolaurate) as a surfactant-soak for tissue which commonly displays
wrinkles. The MSDS from SIGMA discloses no hazardous identification
information, though they do mention first-aid measures for skin absorption,
inhalation and the like. The first-aid warnings are pretty intense (wash for
fifteen minutes with copious amounts of water if skin contact occurs). I
know all MSDS warnings are similar in this regard, but I'd like to know what
other labs' experience with this chemical is, and how you all work with the
chemical. Further, what do you do to discard the chemical and its aqueous
residue? Our local waste disposal facility isn't able to offer much help
with this kind of chemical disposal (they have no experience with the
chemical, and there are no local laws regarding it), so I'm just wondering
what others are doing out there.
Thanks for your help,
Jon Kerr

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