FW: Paraffin

From:Phyllis Davie

FW: Paraffin
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From: Phyllis Davie <pdavie@phenopath.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 17:32:04 -0800
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I’m not sure this helps, but it may be due to this:

A 700-watt microwave operates at 700 watts for the whole time you set  it.

A 1000-watt microwave, set at 70%, operates at 1000 watts for 70% of the time.  

Microwave magnetrons pretty much have 2 settings, ON and OFF.  So while adjusting the % power may adjust the overall energy “dose” you give to your sections, it will be coming in boluses of 1000 watts or nothing.  Therefore, it may not be possible to entirely reproduce your earlier performance.

Sorry this isn’t really an answer.  Maybe other more savvy people can help you out.

Best of luck,

Phyllis Davie
PhenoPath Laboratories--Seattle, WA

on 3/27/02 4:18 PM, Melissa Jensen at melzy@indytel.com wrote:

We have used our microwave to melt paraffin from tissue slides..to speed up the turn around time for recuts.3-4 mins with a 700 watt...Our old microwave bit the dust. We have a new one 1000 watt..I have set the power to 70% and used the 3-4 min thing...No luck..Tried it at 3-4-5- mins..also at full power..I cant find a consistent setting...any advise! Its either fried or paraffin gloss.

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