From:Barry Rittman

The following is a method that used to work for me, it is not my method
but I do not have a reference for is credited to Schmorl.
It depends on staining with thionin and then precipitation of the
Sections are best  if at least 10 microns so that the course of some of
the canaliculi can be followed. Also the thionin must be high purity

1.    Sections (of FFPE and preferably formic acid demineralized) tissue
to water.
2.    Stain in sat. soln of thionin in methanol for 5-10 mins.
3.    Wash in distilled water to remove unbound dye.
4.    Rinse in 90% ethanol for 0.5-1 min.
5.    Wash in several changes distilled water.
6.    Place in sat. aqueous phosphotungstic or sat. aqueous
phospmolybdic acid for 10-15 secs. (with agitation).
7.    Was in several changes distilled water.
8.    Fix stain in 50% formalin (made with tap water  - for a slightly
alkaline soln.) for 1-2 hours.
9.    Dehydrate, clear, mount.

Cell elements diffuse blue, lacunae and canaliculi blue black.


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