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I am not writing to disagree with Mark's comments about one's right to
express personal experiences or opinions.
However, it is important for all of us to realize that someone with
malicious intent could cause a great deal of ill will toward a
particular vendor with the simple click of the "send" button. Histonet
has a large audience and with that comes the power to influence a great
many others some of whom will take the information they read here as
fact and gospel. Think of the harm that could be done by someone with
less than honorable motives.

I feel that my responsibility is to patients rather than vendors.  If I believe a product causes harm to specimens, then I'll say it.  I'll say it in histonet or anywhere else.  If a vendor has something to add to my or someone else's comments then he/she can do that here.  This should be a place where opinions and experiences in the lab can be exchanged freely.  None of us should have to worry about vendors and lawyers calling and harassing our employers because they don't agree with what we have to say.  Our society is just too litigious.

Mark Tarango

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