Re: Struck a Nerve

From:Vinnie Della Speranza

I am not writing to disagree with Mark's comments about one's right to
express personal experiences or opinions.
However, it is important for all of us to realize that someone with
malicious intent could cause a great deal of ill will toward a
particular vendor with the simple click of the "send" button. Histonet
has a large audience and with that comes the power to influence a great
many others some of whom will take the information they read here as
fact and gospel. Think of the harm that could be done by someone with
less than honorable motives.

Along with your "right" to express yourself comes the requirement that
we all be forthright and honorable with the information shared here and
if necessary prepared to back up our statements with the facts. I am
reminded of the cliche that there are at least "three sides to a story"

Having said this, I agree that no vendor choosing to use strong arm
tactics to silence this list should be tolerated. I for one am eager to
learn of others' experiences with the array of instrumentation available
to us, pro or con. I would hope that vendors would see this as an
opportunity to learn how their equipment or service might be improved.

The opinions expressed above are solely my own and are not intended to
represent the views of anyone else, especially my employer.

Vinnie Della Speranza
Manager for Anatomic Pathology Services
Medical University of South Carolina
165 Ashley Avenue  Suite 309
Charleston, SC 29425
Ph: 843-792-6353
fax: 843-792-8974

>>>  03/04/02 08:52PM >>>

I didn't see your original posting, and I haven't any idea of which
vendor you commented upon; however, I had a similar experience. I made a
post about Hacker Instruments and a microwave processor that I believe
destroyed our tissue.  The very next day the owner of my lab had a copy
of my post and Hacker was threatening to sue.  They got what they
wanted: my silence. 

Just be careful of what you say.  Some people forget that free speech
exists in the United States, and it seems they would like to do away
with it.  When we comment on a particular product it must be understood
that it is our opinion.  Opinions by their definition cannot be libelous
or slanderous, but it is a FACT that this type of intimidation is
present on the histonet.  We should all have our freedom to express our
opinions without fear. 

Mark Tarango 

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