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In my opinion the responsibility for the contracted stained slides lies with
the pathologist reading them out, no matter where they were prepared.  It is
the old issue of technicians being under the supervison of pathologist and the
fact that we do not generate and sign path reports.  So my point is, legally I
do not think you would be responsible for complying with any regulations, the
person making the report would have to be responsible for that and may ask you
do address the technical side of the issue using some CAP guidelines.  This is
why technicians can do things such as grossing, if they are trained and
supervised by a pathologist.
This is my opinion of the matter.

"Louri Caldwell (by way of Histonet)" wrote:

> Hi everyone,   I'm not sure if anyone else has faced this issue - but any
> guidance you may provide is greatly appreciated.   This lab has been
> approached to do some of the rarer special stain procedures for a local
> human hospital.  Since we are a veterinary institution, we are not
> certified by CAP and CLIA doesn't apply.  If we are staining the slides and
> controls, but the interpretation is done elsewhere, what regulations do we
> need to follow?  Do we need to go through CAP, and is that even allowed
> being a veterinary institution?   This just recently came up, and
> our director of course wants to be sure we have the legal protection and
> applicable certification necessary should we decide to perform these
> stains.   Thank you in advance for your assistance. Have a great weekend!
> Louri Caldwell UGA College of Veterinary Medicine Athens, Georgia
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