RE: Question about Tisue Tek VIP fixative

From:"Einfalt, Ginny"

We did a trial for Sakura for several months last year.  We only used
biopsies, but saw no difference in processing or cutting.  I'm sure other
sites did trials on routine tissue, perhaps they could give you more

Ginny Einfalt  HT/HTL(ASCP)
Corporate Histology Manager, Virtua Health

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Funny you ask this question today. I was going to post the same question. 
We have noticed a difference in sectioning since going to this fixative. 
Seems tissue is not as well fixed as before. We have increased time on 

Has anyone else experienced this?

At 07:45 AM 3/12/2002 -0600, Gayle Callis wrote:
>Has anyone been using this new fixative developed by Sakura touted for
>keeping VIP (other processors?) cleaner?? It was developed to prevent
>tubing from clogging and eliminate the need for water rinses after cleaning
>If so, questions:
>A formalin fixative buffered in some proprietary way - how does is compare
>to routine NBF?
>Have you noticed any changes in immunohistochemistry, routine staining, and
>other special stains
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