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From:Hector Hernandez

First of all, why didn't the vendor contact you personally.  Your employer
probably doesn't subscribe to the Histonet so how can they can defend
themselves when a vendor call and tell them" Tell your tech not to be saying
things about our products" or whatever your employer was told.  Secondly,
the Histonet is a forum for all techs and interested parties to voice their
opinion about work products, techniques, problems or anything else WE want
to.  When vendors start using this forum to possibly threaten individuals
for expressing their opinion and facts about whatever the topic maybe, then
vendors need to get off the net.  Vendors, if you have a problem with the
topic or comments address them personally to the individual with the
comment.  Maybe you as a vendor didn't know there was a problem and if you
did know why has it not been fixed or a happy medium been established.  As a
tech/supervisor nothing burns my behind more than a rep not fulfilling their
commitment(that is to keep me happy) or product not performing to what it
was advertised to do.  So Joe keep voicing your opinions and all I ask is
tell the truth and don't blow it out of proportion.   I remember that email
and I think all you said " you wouldn't try do immunos on the Autocyte
because you were having problems getting your liquid base paps to stay on
the slides" and I find nothing slanderous about that comment.  

Fellow Histonetter have a Great Day,

Hector Hernandez Jr. HT(ASCP)
A.P. Technical Operations Manager
210)534-8857 Ext.2207
210)531-4506 (Fax)

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Subject: Struck a Nerve

It appears that my last response to the Histonet struck a nerve in a certain
vendor.  That vendor contacted my employer this morning.
    One of the great things I love about the Histonet is the freedom to tell
our opinions, thoughts and experiences openly and honestly.  However, how
open can we be when vendors start calling employers about postings on the
    If that was an attempt to keep me quiet, or not to give my opinions,
that was a big mistake.  I will continue to place my input on the Histonet
unless I'm otherwise instructed not to, by the administrators of this forum.
    My response was an honest explanation of my experiences. No malice was
intended.  I just reported my experiences in an honest, open manner.
    What kind of a relationship can be built with a vendor if one cannot
express their experiences openly and honestly?  I say not a  very good one.
    As usual, the opinions of this editorial are the sole responsibility of
the author and no way reflects the views of the employer or its associates.
Thank you

Joe Nocito, BS, HT (ASCP) QIHC
Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, Texas

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