Santa Cruz has a really good selection of growth factor antibodies.  Can't remember if I used IGFII,
but I have used IGF's from SC.  I use zinc formalin fixation so the only pretreatment I use for these
is 5 min. of proteinase K digestion.  Straight formalin fixed samples might require more stringent
antigen retriveal (hier) because it will be more crosslinked.  U of Iowa Hybridoma Bank is starting to
offer some growth factor antibodies also.
Patsy Ruegg

Aneeta Patel wrote:

> HI All,
> does anybody have any experience with immunostaining on paraffin embedded human tissue for IGFII ?
> Please let me know  the method,source of ab. thanks in advance
> I am also looking for antibody to cyclic AMP.

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