Carol, if it is necessary to wear a mask when changing regents on 
the processor then your working conditions are inadequate i.e 
inappropriate machinery and ventilation.
If your supervisors are not aware of this then tell them and if they 
are complacent about it then let them do the work, especially if 
there is any chance of exposure to potentially 
carcinogenic/teratogenic compounds. No job is more important 
than your health and that of your unborn child. 
I have supervised three women through pregnancies at work and as 
soon as this has been notified then they have been withdrawn from 
any procedures (despite safety measures) that could potentially 
lead to exposure.
I am sorry if this sounds alarmist but I am fed up with the 
persistence of a blase' and dated attitude by many to their staff.
By the way, congratulations.
Terry Hacker,
Head of Histopathology and Electron Microscopy
Medical Research Council,
Oxfordshire, OX11 ORD
01235 824521
Fax 01235 834776

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