foot and mouth

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<color><param>0100,0100,0100</param> Over 30 years down the line since the last serious outbreak and 
what have we learned, not much. We are faced with gun toting 
ministry "vets" blasting through herds and flocks one in front of the 
other, lambs and piglets in front of mothers. Piles of rotting corpses 
bundled onto funeral pyres almost certainly spreading the virus 
through the aerosoles created.

I live in (and fast becoming a prisoner of) the countryside and it is 
so eerie not to see the lambs, calfs and piglets in the fields.

This is <underline>not</underline> a fatal disease to these animals, a vaccine has been 
produced (though not 100% effective), however, if we do vaccinate 
then that puts pay to meat export, and what is even more crazy, 
we import meat from Europe. It really is down to money and that is 
why this is such a political issue and not one of animal welfare.

 Sorry about this ranting but like so many here in this so 
called democratic society (where the voice of the public is heard, 
then ignored), find this whole catastrophe distressing and 


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