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Hi Wayne!  We did have problems with our Leica coverslipper regarding air
bubbles.  Leica replaced the pump and worked diligently and on correcting
the problem.  I would recommend one without question. We do so much
photography here that tape was never a consideration..we had to have glass
coverslips.  I have never had a Sakura but understand they are dependable
and easy to use. The issues I have heard most often are:  expense of tape,
tape lifting after extended storage and inability to get really good

Good luck!

Jeanine Bartlett, HT(ASCP)
Centers for Disease Control
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Subject: glass coverslippers vs Sakura tape coverslipper

There is a very good chance that I will be getting a new stainer this year.
The short list is currently Sakura and Leica because they each have a
compatible coverslipper. The coverslipper is a possible for this year. Are
there other brands that have both a stainer and coverslipper?

I've heard a lot about bubble problems with the glass coverslippers. Are
there other common problems and how difficult are they to solve? I'd like to
hear from Leica coverslipper owners re your experience with this instrument.
The other choice is Sakura which I know works very well and with very few
problems. However I'm starting to hear about tape lifting after a few years
and taking the sections with it. As of Oct. 2000, we are now required to
keep our slides and blocks for 20 years so I'd like to hear from Sakura
owners who have had their instruments for a while, 7 or 8 years or more, as
to whether or not lifting is a problem and how you store your slides.
Thank you in advance.

Wayne Hohn
Kootenay Lake Regional Hospital
Nelson, B.C.

p.s. I'm been told by a Leica rep that there is a new stainer, 30 position
instead of 20, being released this year.

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