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From:Connie McManus <>


I will be sure to read this.  I don't have any really passionate
feelings pro or con on this issue, but it will be interesting to read
and see what comments others make.

Have a fun vacation!

Connie McManus

Lee & Peggy Wenk wrote:
> Hi Histonetters -
> FYI - The April edition of "Laboratory Medicine" (which I received this
> week)
> contains an editorial I wrote concerning shortages of histotechs and the
> elimination of the high school diploma on-the-job-training route to take the
> HT exam.
> What my opinion boiled down to was - if you need to hire someone in your
> lab, and have to train them yourself, but you are so short staffed that you
> don't
> have time to train someone, why not hire someone with the associate or
> baccalaureate degree who has had biology and chemistry classes so you
> don't have to start from scratch teaching someone to pipette, or to weigh
> out
> chemicals on a balance, or to make a Molar solution, or to differentiate
> between a bacteria and a fungus, etc.
> I know that Histonet is an easy place to air your agreement or disagreement
> or concerns with my editorial/opinion, but I would like to ask the
> Histonet community to PLEASE send your opinions to the Editor of
> "Laboratory Medicine". I would LOVE to see lots of Letters to the Editor
> concerning this, and to see this discussed in "Laboratory Medicine."
> I know this has been discussed on Histonet before. But we are a small
> community. I wrote this editorial/opinion in the hopes that this issue can
> be
> discussed on a larger scale, with comments from non-Histonet histotechs,
> as well as Histonetters, plus also all other lab personnel (pathologists,
> med techs, cytotechs, etc.)
> So PLEASE, send your comments (FOR and AGAINST), plus any
> questions or concerns, to the Editor. Thanks.
> (BTW - this is coming out just before my vacation. So if there are any
> comments on Histonet, I won't be able to respond for the next two weeks=2E
> Talk about timing . . . )
> Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
> William Beaumont Hospital
> Royal Oak, MI 4073


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