Re: About separating specimens and formalin...

From:Connie McManus <>

I work in a veterinary diagnostics facility. We separate the tissues
from the formalin.  We have a 50 gallon drum that the formalin from the
containers is emptied directly into for hazwaste to dispose of.  The
tissues are then taken down the hall to the incinerator.  

Things you may want to consider is how far away will your tissues have
to be transported to be incinerated?  What kind of container will you
put these tissues into?  Is this something your hospital will provide or
will the incinerating company provide containers??  I mention this
because I would think you need to consider what the city regulations are
pertaining to this.  I would assume your hospital administrators would
have this all figured out, but just in case... food for thought.

Connie McManus wrote:
> Our hospital is about to stop using an incinerator to burn all its waste, and
> instead create different waste streams. Most biohardous waste will be
> sterilized, some of that will be shredded, then eveything sent to a landfill.
> Surgical pathology specimens however, will be incinerated by an outside
> contractor. Trouble is, the contractor does not want the formalin, just the
> specimens! Has anyone else run into this? Are there histotechs around the
> country (or the world) emptying formalin out all those little containers, and
> some large ones, that we all receive surgical pathology specimens in? How do
> others separate the specimens and the formalin?


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