RE: Mixing of chemicals for disposal

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We have been told this as well. We used to keep the used formalin in the
"cubes" it had originally come in and a company would come and take it away.
Now I believe the histo lab uses a neutralizing agent that allows it to be
dumped down the drain.

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> Fellow Histonetters.
> In our Organisation, we tend to combine our waste solvents (Ethanol &
> Xylene)with the formalin waste into one drum, and then send it away for
> disposal. I have been informed that this is a "no, no" and that formalin
> should be kept in it's own, as it can form an explosive mixture if
> combined
> with the solvents.
> True or false?
> Mike Kirby
> S.A.I.M.R
> Johannesburg
> South Africa.

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